Keep up to date on the latest market research, as well as sharing your experiences with other New Zealand exporters.

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  • Kompass


    Date Added: 17 Dec 2010

    Access a basic profile of New Zealand's top 100 companies ranked by number of employees. Kompass has complete profiles of 15,000 NZ businesses including details on their activities, brands, people, products & services searchable by 30 different criteria. Top 100, Top 500, Top 1000: they've got it. Free trial available.

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  • AMRO

    Association of Market Research Organisations (AMRO)

    Date Added: 17 Dec 2010

    If you want to understand your customers, market research is a good tool. The companies listed here specialise in market research and are all members of the Association of Market Research Organisations (AMRO).

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    NZ’s trade agreements in SE Asia

    Date Added: 14 Dec 2010

    A comparison of study of key considerations for New Zealand's exporters. A report for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, August 2010.

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