New Embassy for New Zealand in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

  • Date Added: 13th July 2011 from Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade

  • New Zealand's Embassy in the UAE is now up and running helping Kiwi firms to exploit growing business opportunities in the country.

    Ambassador Malcolm Millar will have two main tasks. Firstly, he will help New Zealand businesses gain government attention in a country where the lines between government and business are often blurred and where diplomatic support can be a deciding factor in whether a company secures a contract.

    Secondly, Millar will also build contacts within the UAE government and private sector to ensure they are aware of the expertise and experience New Zealand businesses can offer as the UAE seeks to develop its economy. In this task he will be helped significantly by the exposure New Zealand has already gained through Abu Dhabi's 30 year Economic Development Plan in which New Zealand is held up as a model of governance and economic development.

    The UAE Embassy is part of MFAT's new "mini-spokes" model, where Embassies are opened with one New Zealand staff member (the Ambassador) supported by local staff and neighbouring "hub" Embassy, in this case Riyadh.

    Millar will be working closely with NZTE's Dubai based Trade Commissioner to reinforce New Zealand's impact in the UAE.

    For further information please contact or 04 439 8573.