ExportNZ welcomes economic cooperation agreement between New Zealand and Taiwan

  • Date Added: 11 Jul 2013 from BusinessNZ

  • ExportNZ welcomes the announcement that New Zealand and Taiwan have signed an economic cooperation agreement. 

    Executive Director of ExportNZ, Catherine Beard, says this will be positive for both economies since they are very complementary, with Taiwan’s exports to New Zealand being dominated by high tech manufactured goods and New Zealand’s top exports to Taiwan being agricultural products. 

    “It is good to see that this high quality economic cooperation agreement removes most tariffs after four years and is inclusive of goods and services, recognises cultural cooperation, environmental cooperation and includes creative industries as well. 

    “In addition to goods and services trade being facilitated, the agreement also allows New Zealand firms to compete in tenders for Taiwanese Government procurement for the first time. 

    “ExportNZ congratulates Minister Groser on the finalisation of the cooperation agreement with Taiwan, the good leadership of the Taiwanese authorities and acknowledges the efforts of the previous Labour Government in starting off the process. 

    “We hope that this high quality agreement is an exemplar of the increasing trade liberalisation in the Asia Pacific, and for New Zealand this is very complementary to our other economic agreements with China and Hong Kong.” 

    Media contact: Catherine Beard  0274 633 212