How do local government regulations affect your business?

  • Date Added: 22 Feb 2013 from BusinessNZ

  • The Productivity Commission is conducting an inquiry into local government regulatory performance, and has published a draft report, “Towards Better Local Regulation”.  The Commission is seeking submissions to help refine its findings by 6 March 2013. How to make a submission.

     How regulation is designed and implemented can have a big impact on business productivity and profitability. The Commission has been asked to identify opportunities to improve the regulatory performance of local government, along with ways to decide which regulatory functions should be undertaken by local or central government. As well as the draft report, the Commission has also published the results of two surveys, one of local governments in New Zealand and the other of 1,500 New Zealand businesses from a cross-section of industries. 

    Businesses are also invited to participate in an online discussion which supplements the submission process. Questions for discussion include: 

    • How does compliance with local government regulations affect your organisation?
    • Is it important that local government regulation is consistently applied across the country? Why/why not?
    • How should regulatory functions be funded?
    • How well are local authorities monitoring and enforcing compliance with regulations?
    The draft report and all other material is available from